The Playhouse has been our home now for over 30 years and this building has stood the test of time since the 50s. Apart from our arrival, the building has not had major investment into the infrastructure for many years.


With our fabulous theatre seats now over 60 years old and walls showing signs of wear, the decision was made to tackle these projects now before they became more of an issue.

The Decision 

The committee made the tough choice to close the theatre in order to carry out major work throughout the Playhouse during 2021

Little did we know we would be closing in March 2020 due to the pandemic. However, this gave us the opportunity to start the refurbishment early!

The main objective insure the Devonport Playhouse is future proofed for modern technology and improvements are made to benefit all who use the theatre... 

Main Areas of work

We have a long list of projects, which have been tracked for a number of years now, that we would like to address. Our highest priorities include;


  • Reupholster the seats with new padding

  • Fix water damaged Auditorium wall

  • Repaint the Auditorium 

  • Upgrade the Stage Electrics  

  • Provide better equipment for Stage crew

We hope other items on our list will be achieved, but this is all down to how much money is raised for the project.

Can you help us?

We have lost revenue we were due to the receive as a result of the pandemic; refunding over £13,000 in ticket sales, returning hire deposits, no youth theatre income as well as bar sales. 

We are asking all of our members, visiting companies and visitors who love the Playhouse, that if they are able to donate to help the project, it would be greatly appreciated. 

The Playhouse means a lot to so many, whether it was a stepping stone to start a career in the Arts industry or whether it was meeting a loved one, the theatre is a key pillar for Plymouth's theatre world.