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Take a look at how the Playhouse is changing,

scroll to read through the whole development and see some of the pictures that we have taken of progress

November 20

The first item on the agenda was to carry out work on the theatre's roof.

This has been an issue for a number of years with no solution be identify. After a survey was carried out, the roof had repair and adjustments to stop the water damage on the auditorium wall. As this has been taken out earlier than initially planned, we have extra time for the wall to dry out.

Elsewhere, the stage has been stripped to its skeleton, to allow for new equipment, access and electrical wiring to be installed over the coming months.

December 20

The sound box has been removed ready for it's new home. A much better, purpose built area for members of the crew to control the lighting and sound has been installed. With better positioning to hear for the sound operator, this is a major upgrade for the theatre. Equipment is being installed to future proof this control position.


Elsewhere, the stage has new platforms for stage crew and the follow spots have been removed ready for their new home.

January 21

More work continued on stage, this time more towards the electrical side. Lights used when not in show mode were just a couple of the items carried out. Over 2,000 metres of cabling will be used throughout the project.


Elsewhere, a new tower has been built in the circle to match the opposite side and will house the new follow spots. 

February 21

Still more electrics on the stage going in! This particular project may go un-noticed to many, but it is essential work which will allow productions for ourselves and visiting companies to have more flexibility with sets, access and general usability. 

A quieter month elsewhere in the Playhouse, walls were prepared for decoration by removing damaged plaster to reveal the brick behind. We are happy to report the wall has remained dry since the roof was sealed.. long may that continue! 

March 21

The stage is nearly finished! Most of the electrics have been completed, with some finishing touches to come throughout the remainder of the development. The stage has been painted, with the stage floor itself being sanded down completely. 

In the circle, a new structure has been placed in front of the circle seats, this is to give extra safety to those who sit there. At a perfect height, there is no difference in terms sight of the stage.

Check back soon for more updates!

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