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Why now?

The seats at the Devonport Playhouse are over 60 years old, dating back to when the building first reopened as a church after the war. It has been on the agenda for the seats to be reupholstered, but the busy schedule of the Playhouse always put a stop to work being carried out on them. 

When the Development was announced, this project was one of our top priorities.


The Project

We are going to remove all 316 seats at the Playhouse and pass them to a local company who have an extensive portfolio of projects.

This project is costing over £100 a seat, therefore it is an overall cost of over £30,000.

New Padding

Both the back rest and the bottom will be replaced with new padding.

New Fabric

With 60 years of use, there are clear signs of wear and tear. So new fabric is a must.


The wood and metal on the seats will be refreshed to give the whole seat a major uplift

First seat is back!

The first of over 300 seats is back and what a difference! The look is much improved and most importantly so is the comfort! 

We are looking forward to all of them being back at the Playhouse ready for the opening of Shrek.

Now you have seen the end product, can you help us fund the project?


This part of the project is costing over £30k

Sponsor Form

If you wish to sponsor a seat, please fill out the form below. Please note, payment will not be taken at this point. We will contact you on ways to make the payment.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon

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