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The Committee's Role

As a charity, the Plymouth Theatre Company has objectives to deliver the highest level of quality production to their audience members, as well as maintaining and developing the Devonport Playhouse for their own use and visiting companies. 

The committee are entrusted with the task of setting out relevant objectives for each financial year. From obtaining the rights of varied shows to projects around the Playhouse, each member has their own unique task to take the company forward.

The Committee

Chairman – Brian Gerry
Vice Chairman –
Liz Smith
Secretary – Rachel Tyson 
Treasurer – Teresa Blackler
Theatre Manager - Janet Wood 

General Committee member – Jonathan Alford
General Committee member – Debbie Jarman
General Committee member – Charlotte Jones
General Committee member – Tony Outterside

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Should you need to contact a member of the committee, click one of the buttons below. One of them will get back to you as soon as possible.

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