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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A car that can swim and fly. And sweets with magical qualities. All together in this joyous romp from master storyteller, Ian Fleming. Caractus Potts is the inventor who takes an old racing car wreck and piles adventure on adventure with his children and their grandfather. Can they defeat the wicked spies from Vulgaria? And where does Truly Scrumptious fit in to the fun and drama? Songs – “Hushabye Mountain”, “Truly Scrumptious” and, of course the theme tune, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – all combine for a glorious evening’s entertainment.

Plymouth Theatre Company Plymouth

Madagascar Jr

So, you go to the zoo and see the animals – but do you really know what they are thinking and dreaming? Do you know that Marty, the zebra, really wants to be free. His friends tell him he’s crazy but he makes it out of New York’s Central Park Zoo. But then gets a tranquilizer shot and wakes up on a ship heading for Africa with his pals, Alex, the lion, Gloria, the hippo, and Melman, the giraffe. But it’s the penguins that cause chaos. They want to go to… But enough. You need to see the show. They all end up in Madagascar with adventures galore. Songs? Of course, there’s plenty including the hit, “I Like to Move It”.

Plymouth Theatre Company Plymouth

Avenue Q

Remember Sesame Street on children’s TV? Well the puppets have grown up and find the world isn’t quite how they imagined. This is a very grown up show with very grown up problems (the puppets are still there with the humans). This is definitely not a show for the kids. The cast all suffer from a score of angsts – sex, pornography, racism and schadenfreude. This hit show received plenty of prizes and more Tony Awards than you can shake a stick it, when it opened in New York. Music? There’s plenty of that too. Songs like “The Money Song” and, of course, “The Avenue Q Theme”. The show was among the longest running on Broadway.

Plymouth Theatre Company Plymouth

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