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The Full Monty

Based on the cult film of the same name, The City of Plymouth Theatre Company are preparing to bare all in their forthcoming production of The Full Monty to bring you a show that is full of emotion, engaging melodies and one of the most highly anticipated closing numbers of any show! After seeing how much their long suffering wives enjoy watching male Chippendale strippers during their infrequent Girls' Night Out', a group of recently unemployed steel workers, frustrated with work, women and life in general, come up with an adventurous (and unclothed!) way to make ends meet.

Plymouth Theatre Company Plymouth

The Little Mermaid Jr

All little girls have dreams. But, when you are a mermaid, can you really dream of leaving the sea and living on the land? Princess Ariel has a beautiful voice and just by chance a human prince, Eric, is sailing by and is captivated by the sound from beneath the waves. A wicked witch called Ursula tempts the young mermaid to go on land, and gives her legs but takes away her beautiful voice. Adventures galore and you can guess the result. The songs include 'Part of this World' and 'Under the Sea'.

Plymouth Theatre Company Plymouth

Applause Applause

Yes, itís 30 years since the first show was staged at the Devonport Playhouse. And to celebrate three decades of music and laughter, Angela Collins has put together a revue of the best-loved songs and classic comedy moments from many of the shows.

Plymouth Theatre Company Plymouth

Parking can be found at Everyone Active Brickfields Sports Centre, Madden Road, Devonport, Plymouth, PL1 4NE